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”I've had a fantastic experience with Whitrow Wilson over the past 6 months and their contributions have been crucial to the launch of our business this summer.  The team have wonderful creative flair and a wealth of experience.  So far they have helped us with... National and Local media outreach, marketing strategy, social media content creation, blog writing, website copy, social media collaborations, competition organisation, nationwide survey creation and administration.  It is remarkable to look back to what we've achieved with their help in such a short space of time!”

Tom Harper - CEO, Little Imagineers

“Hannah is brilliant to work with because she seems to get everything straight away. Then she works her magic. She can quickly grasp how any business works. This is why she is one of the best in the business at explaining what her clients do, in her own words and with an understanding of what makes a story newsworthy."

Nick Booth

Journalist for IDG, TechTarget, Daily Mail Online, The Guardian and IoT Now 

“Whitrow Wilson's amazing work has had a transformational impact on Prometheus, which is now being welcomed around the world as the 'new chess'. The team's attention to detail and ability to quickly understand what we were trying to achieve was outstanding. They secured media interviews on BBC Points West, GB News,  BBC Somerset Sound, BBC Wiltshire Radio, BBC Devon and BBC Cornwall - all within a few days.  Following this we secured large numbers of orders for our game, one set of which now takes pride of place at Number 10 Downing Street. I am now receiving requests about Prometheus from all over the UK and around the world every day. We wish to continue working with Whitrow Wilson Communications and hope to take Prometheus to even higher levels.”

Christopher Curtis, Prometheus Managing Director

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